Adding to the endless fascination with the number Pi, I wrote a program about 10 years ago that “coached” me in memorizing the digits of pi. I don’t know why but I fixated on stories of people memorizing pi.

To be fair – it’s very useless to know more than 6 digits… and I once calculated it – and it’s something to the effect of calculating the circumference of the milky way galaxy based on it’s radius – and 6 digits of pi gives you accuracy to the angstrom. I formally challenge anyone reading this to provide the associated proof to this. I will buy a beer for anyone who does it in a single google query.

While learning flex 2.0 I realized it would be really easy to re-write the memorization program – so I did, and it honestly took me about 15 min: from conception of the idea to publishing the swf – it was done and I haven’t edited it since… here’s the link


L emme know what you think, and ways to improve the game – but I’ve always thought it was a really simple idea and hope I’ve captured it again – just type pi, if you mess up you start over. I’ve thought about 3 strikes or something… maybe I’ll work on that now… but first I wanna break 50 digits.. followed the above link to this technique for memorizing numbers that I could really maximize on to make my pi program better.


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