2 Miles

Gotta find a better way to log runs. I wish it was in a database of some sort where I could generate stats. Until then I don’t even bother bringing a watch along. So while I think today’s run was pretty fast – I didn’t time it. Felt a little “off balance” on the stride today – something I’ve never felt before.

One strange thing I saw: On the last 100yards home or so I saw a guy run across the street into the woods carrying a purse… sort of “fast walking” – I theorized maybe he just stole the purse or something.


One thought on “2 Miles

  1. Hi Matt-
    I happened to come across your blog and saw that you “wished you had a better way to track runs”. Try nikeplus.com … you have to get the system (comprised of nike shoes, ipod, and nike+ sensor). It allows you to track distance, times, calories burned, personal bests, set up goals, join virtual events (I’m running the nike women’s half marathon in my home town), etc etc etc. The list goes on and it’s very very cool.

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