Tagging and Categories

I love tagging and categories – and the “cloud” display you can get.  Fell in love with it on Flickr – where I was able to see that I might be spending too much time with Red Sox pictures vs. my kids pictures.

So I’ve dedicated myself to spending some time in the new blog format getting the categories down right.

You should see on the right of this blog a list of my categories.  It’s my hope that people will subscribe to this blog, and be more likley to do so if they can filter by category.  This also gives me the ability to narrowcast to the approprite audience. 

My sister is probably only interested in the running and kids stuff, and would be bored to death on the technical stuff.  My friend Django will be more interested in the technical stuff.  Haven’t really thought much more about the audience – which is probably a mistake.


3 thoughts on “Tagging and Categories

  1. This is kewl blog but I don’t know blogs. liked it so far. enjoyed the Marathon pictures. don’t understand the cloud thing – like how do you get back to select all> Why wordPress
    And …

    Where’s Suzy?????????

  2. Only a dozen posts so far – don’t start looking for patterns yet! I’ve really only been trying to keep this up to date for about 2 days now. Trying to follow a blogging rule I read about “Make it personal, but don’t post personal information” so Suzy & the Kids kinda stuff has to run through that kinda filter.

    I do hope to get the video of Anna’s recent recital up on youtube/google video and link it here.

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