Linux on Kids Computer

The kids computer has been turned off for about 3 months now.  If I remember I’ll try to update this post with the machine specifics – it’s a couple years old at least.

It had windows 98 on the drive, and I attempted to install an older version of ubuntu on it with little success – crashed on the first screen.

Well tonight I tried again – and the very wise people at ubuntu put a “memory test” function as one of the first options you can choose.  I figured they did a lot of other things right, maybe they know what they’re doing – and sure enough… the memory was bad on the computer.  I replaced it (suprising how many extra memory chips I had lying around) and the install went pretty good.

Ran into trouble when I tried to bump up the resolution on the screen though.  It didn’t have an option other then 640×480 in the options.  Found a link that should help be fix that though.

The primary thing this computer has to do is play flash websites.  The kids are both heavily into the webkinz thing.

I’ve been VERY impressed with ubuntu on the media-server/mythBox.

Plus it’s kewl to say my kids use linux.


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