Another idea not acted on

Just stumbled on who’s sick, a website to track illnesses and see the symptoms. I had this idea a few years ago, thinking it would be interesting to try to identify vectors for disease using the internet. My idea was basiaclly to enter your symptoms and where you live/work/shop etc. and see if we could track a disase back a few vectors and maybe identify it and share useful info on treating symptons etc. Possibly uncover some useful info on vectors: Like maybe the handle of the gas pump at a specific gas station is a very active vector and paying the attendand a couple bucks to go out and clean it every couple hours would save the world a lot of illness.

Anyhoe the folks at who’s sick have done it – I haven’t played with it much yet – my initial reaction of “damn, another one I thought up and didn’t do” is gone. I’m not implying they stole it – it was just another idea so good that more than one person had it – and more than me acted on it.


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