Banana Peels

On the drive home today a car in front of me threw a banana peel out the window. Are banana peels garbage? Of course they are. Is it “ok” to throw them out your car window? I don’t think so. It’s illegal I’m sure.

Got me thinking about how long it takes a banana peel to biodegrade. Turns out the internet has the answer, I did a Google search for “banana peel decomposition” and got the typical millions of links – but when I switched my search to Wikipedia, I found the answer in the article about biodegradation. Turns out the banana peel is top of the list. 10 days it says – so maybe throwing it our the car window isn’t so bad. Diapers take 500yrs – meaning my great-great-great-great grandchildren could still recognize the diapers I threw away this weekend.


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