No more McDonalds Hamburgers

Read the book Fast Food Nation about a year ago, and since then haven’t touched McDonald’s ground beef. Until Sunday that is – we we’re working on the house all morning and I could feel my blood sugar dropping and knew if I didn’t eat soon I’d start getting very edgy.

At the drive through I asked for a sausage McMuffin and was told “We’re on Lunch Now” and the McDonald’s marketing machine forced me to choose the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. One bite and I realized the center was pink and cold. I should mention that the grease was extreme, dripping all over my hand – and they failed to provide the usual napkin.

I turned the car around and took it back. The manager told one of the lackey’s to “Get the Grill fixed” and he went back and reported that “It’s been fixed.” I got my money back, and asked for (and received) a couple crappy Happy Meal toys for the kids in addition. I felt disgusting the rest of the morning, and could smell the McGrease on my fingers.

So in all fairness – I gave McD’s another chance and the blew it – McRoyally.


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