Fillings – Right Side

According to Dr. Bobbitt I had 9 fillings done yesterday. He said most were really small, and I think 3 of them were “replacement” jobs. The good doctor and his assistant Jessie had me in the chair for about 3 hours. Once again I was highly impressed with the equipment and techniques, so here’s a list of stuff they did:

1. Fixed a chipped tooth: Dr. Bobbitt skill was really evident here. I’m gonna call it “deft” because it was clear he’s an expert at building teeth. He made it look easy. He did it fast. There were no mistakes. My sister mentioned he’s into woodworking. He should definatly insure his hands.

2.Laser: It is used in place of the drills – but unfortunately it only works on regular tooth material, not old fillings or decay, so there was some drilling.

3. Dental Dam: I might have had one of these before, but I don’t remember, cause I couldn’t see. Which brings me to…

4. Mirror: They always give me a little mirror to hold so I can watch what’s going on. It was the first time I was able to get an up close look at the inside of my own teeth, after the drilling but before the filling.

5. Anesthesia: Given the choice, I’d say knock me out – but the usual prick of the Novocain wasn’t so bad – Dr. Bobbitt was very good at distracting me so it wasn’t as painful, and if I was knocked out I woulda missed the lasers.

Having my mouth held open for 3 hrs sucked, and the chair made my arm fall asleep, but through it all they seemed to anticipate everything I was feeling, and explaining it to me. I might bring a CD next time, because they were spinning a new Jimmy Buffet CD. For some reason I’m not into Buffet… even though I love sailing, and I even have a couple Buffet tunes on my iPod. I suppose I really like the idea of Buffet, but when it comes to the actual music I find myself reaching for the “skip” button.


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