How to share

So far this morning I’ve read 2 things I wanted to make sure I shared with specific other people. None of those people read this blog, so this is not the place to post them. All the people have email, so that’s what I ended up doing. One of those people just consumed the email and later when we talked he mentioned it… which I think was appropriate. What I fear – is that the other email I sent out will be considered a crituique on something, and will lead to an email thread – when it was just intended to be something like, “Hey – I read this, I thought you’d find it interesting.”

What would be nice is if they all read my blog regularly, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. Also: Then I have to rehash the blog posts I wanted to share – which I think is a waste of time – the info was written well the first time. (a good bookmarking site) has a feature where you can tag the links you are collecting as “for” someone else. I use this from time to time – but today the items I wanted to share were blog posts.


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