Still like my Dentist

Had another appointment today at Dr. Bobbitt’s office. Today was a cleaning (there’s a technical term for it) by Debbie. Again I was struck by the openness and constant flow of information. I’m pretty sure every dentist I’ve been to tried to get this information across – and I’m pretty sure I tried to understand it – but today I finally grasped the whole cycle of plaque to calculus (tarter), and why flossing is key. Debbie’s analogy of breaking up the platoons before they could gang up is going to be very easy to remember.

And a huge apology goes out to Pearl– who is my first and last contact for each visit. She’s very friendly and made becoming a new patient as simple a process as I could imagine. Turns out she’s from the same town as me, so we had some politics to agree on.


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