Wrist Mounted Camera

The folks over at GoPro Cameras have released a wrist mounted digital camera. It’s marketed to surfer/skier types, and being the latter I am interested. A quick look at the specs though reveals 640×480 VGA resolution, which is a whopping 0.3 Megapixels. The price is under $100. It shoots video too, which in my expierence you don’t need high rez to shoot the fun “snap shot” style home movies.

I considered buying it just so I could have a few in the car and sell them to the gawkers when I go skiing. I’d wear it and be taking pix of the kids and when people ask in the lift line I’d rave about not having to fumble for a camera with gloves on and other stuff in the pocket falling out etc… I’d probably take a picture of them real quick like to show how easy it is. And when they ask me how much I’ll say: “For you my new friend…”, then I’d glance around to make sure nobody was listening (of course everyone is), “I’ve got a brand new one in my ski bag, still in the box, $100. If you buy me a beer too we can go get it right now and you’ll be shooting today.”

In the end though, there’s simply not enough data in 0.3 megapixels. Lack of removeable storage was another missing piece – but at the low rez you really don’t need it.


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