Dr. Bobbitt: Best Dentist Ever

Just got back from the most satisfying dental experience I’ve ever had. My new dentist Dr. Scott Bobbitt was recommended by my sister (whom if she had a blog would be a link like Dr. Bobbitt).

I liked my last dentist – she was cute – but I think she left the practice she was at and they refused to tell me where she went.

Enter Dr. Bobbitt: I met him at my sisters surprise birthday party – she introduced him as “Your new dentist” and she was right. This guy doesn’t just know his stuff – he’s got a passion for it. I’m hesitant to get into it more because the introduction to his dental methodology is so well delivered that I know I won’t do it justice.

Here’s why I was so impressed: During the initial examination I knew what was going on every step of the way. I understood the language going back and forth between him and his assistant Cat, because he explained it – and I could see her entering the info on the LCD display mirroring her workstation display that was obviously there for the patient alone. As the examination progresses I started to feel bad that I didn’t have more questions – Dr. Bobbitt was constantly querying me to make sure I understood what was going on.

And another thing – he’s got lasers. When he started in with that and asked if I’d seen it on the website I was kinda sad I hadn’t. What an awesome advance in dentistry. If I was doing his website I’d start it with something like “Remember that pokey thing that they examine your teeth with? Well we do it with a laser.” That alone would have had me in the chair months ago. The all digital xRay and digital teeth picture stuff was just icing on the cake for my gagdet-minded self.

In well under 2 hrs the good doctor and I had a plan – my plan – and I not only understood it but agreed with it in every detail. He went down some crazy roads of some weird stuff we could do (bone grafts etc…) – but in the end we have a pretty simple plan to take care of my dental health. That’s what I wanted all along and didn’t even know it.


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