Props the Security Now Podcast for introducing me to a product called MojoPack : Simplest description – it lets you install a windows desktop on a USB memory keychain. I thought this would be handy for me to have when going to various places where I use someone elses computer to check mail or just surfing. It came in very handy this weekend after my wifes computer died (usb controller bellied up) and she was using my computer. Normally this is a little inconvient becuase she has to log into a few of the same sites I use – and then I have to log her out and myself back in. With Mojopack I have her working in that “other” desktop and she can stay logged in and leave that virtual machine in any state she wants. The best part is that the switch between mojo desktop and the host desktop is almost instantaneous – much faster than if we were logging in and out of windows accounts. I’m running the 30 day free trial – didn’t even check the price until just now – a small ouch: $50


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