We are expierencing Technical Difficulties

SuzShe’s computer blew the USB controller this morning. Probably the new iPod trying to charge from it or something. Tried to call Dell Support but was told it was over a 10 min wait by the telephone agent. Decided to try to Dell support Chat – and Jason B. had me try a few things and then scheduled a motherboard replacement. I’m glad we have a 1yr warrenty on the system. I asked where he was and he said he was in the US.

Yesterday I had a problem with Turbo Tax Online edition and logging in. It sent me to some security quesion page that I could not escape from no matter what I did. I got their chat support working too and she recognized the problem and said their engineer is working on it. I asked her where she was and she said Singapore.

The mosquito r/c helicopter I got for xMas has a problem with one of the motors – and I don’t even know where to begin getting support for that.

My MythTV system still has a few problems like volume control and I’m not happy with how it’s using disk space. Again – no idea where to get support.

My sister was having problems with disk space on her laptop, and had a bunch of questions on how to manage the volume of pictures etc. she generates. Eventually led her down the road of a network storage device. Her original plan was to get a file server on her network. She’s had a server before becuase her internet connection used to be a satillite that wouldn’t just “plug into a router” and needed a server. I had to administer this system so I’m glad I got her to do something I hopefully don’t have to support.

I suppose there’s something to learn here – but other than “Get off the Grid” I have no ideas.


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