A wired saturday

Woke up on the lateside and dragged myself to barCamp Manchester, which turned out to be usefull even though I was only there for about 3 hours. I was met up with Kreblog after the first session and we were partially responsble for a hallway meeting where a lot of “something dropping” went on. Similar to name dropping, but URL’s instead of names.

Came home and had some quality time feeding the monsters, including playing with the RC Metal Detector that my sister got one of the kids last year – it’s really fun toy, a SLOW r/c car is part of it – and teaching my son what is metal and what isn’t has to be worth a couple dad points.

Kreblog turned me to Twitter and I actually got it working on the crappy cell phone I’m now forced to use.

Spend a while learning how to develop google home page gadgets.


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