Myth: Still a few problems…

I’ve got the system so watchind DVD’s and downloaded content works pretty good. It records TV fairly well, but there are a few problems that make that less than perfect:

1. Time doesn’t stay synched – if you reboot the system looses 5 hrs or so until I run ntpdate

2. Sound resets to zero – there’s a master mixer I think, amixer or something, and I need to run it from the console window after reboot to up the volume

3. Web access – this is probably a firewall issue, but I can’t get to the mythweb from outside my network – would be really nice to schedule/check on it remotly

A huge help – the control-alt-F1, and F2 etc… (F7 returns to normal) is something I wish I knew about a LONG time ago – it gets you into a terminal window to execute command line stuff.


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