An Inconvient Truth

This movie has been popping up all over – the first place I saw it was google video’s top 100 (they had the trailer). Then Wired Magazine showcased it, and finailly my wife came home from work saying her boss told her she should go see it.

So last night we went to see it, and I have to say it’s a very well done movie – obviously based on Gore’s long time expierence with his “Slide Show.” A couple of things I wasn’t crazy about are picture of glaciers that appeared to be receeding. I’m not challanging that they are at all, but the sceptic in me wasn’t crazy about the photographic evidence.

It makes me want to re-asses my review of Michal Crichton’s book “State of Fear” book which (in my recollection) tried to play down the global warming problem. Maybe I should re-read it.


One thought on “An Inconvient Truth

  1. I loved the Michael Creighton book and have yet to see the Gore movie. I think Larry King should get them both on and have them debate the reality of global warming. Not that anything would be solved, but it would be entertaining.

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