New Job coming

I resigned from PC Connection last week, and will be starting as “Director of Technology” at Icovia next month. It was an emensly difficult decision to make, primarly becuase my position at PC Connection is, how shall I say, kicking some major ass. I’m making things happen that people said could not be done, getting an emense software project delivered on time, and making friends along the way. Another big part of it was it wasn’t extremly easy, it was hard work, of which I am extremly proud, and have a hard time walking away from.

The new position has a lot of promise though, an amazing move for the career, and should broaden my technological grasp.

The decision was made becuase of the mall going in across the street, and our desire to move. I very much so considered moving somewhere else near PC Connection, but thought it wise to see what else was out there, and the Icovia position found me.


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