Spent a lot of time listening to various podcasts recently. On a drive to boston with some colleagues we listened to The Week in Tech which is a bunch of guys talking about new technologies… like Google Earth, and Microsoft Legal stuff and many other Google type things. I tried to listen to some “new music” pod casts, but didn’t really like them. NPR’s got their Science Friday on a podcast exactly as they broadcast on the radio… it’s very good as usual and I don’t have to remember to listen on Fridays… I can’t wait until Car Talk gets this going. On a whim I did a search for digital photography on iTunes podcast subscription service and found Tips from the Top Floor which is a guy talking about digital photography. You’d think this wouldn’t be something you could do with just audio, but I think separating it from actually looking at images is a good thing. Suzy and I listened to about 5 of the TFTF episodes on our drive up to Storyland on Monday… and we both learned a lot. The beanbag tip sounds like it will be a VERY kewl addition to the photo tips bag.


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