We’ve bought a lot of tickets in the past couple months… all for events that are happening next year. We didn’t plan this far ahead to get good seats, we did it so we could pay face value for the tickets and not pay a scalper or ticket agency a fee. The most obvious are the Red Sox tickets – which sold out in a couple days, but you can still get a bleacher seat to the Yankee home opener for $518, a ticket that cost $12 if you could figure out a way to be the first person to buy it. We’re driving to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play there, and I’m bringing the kids to that game becuase the tickets only cost $15. The original sellers of the ticket have no incentive to stop this sort of thing, becuase they get their money no matter what happens.

We got tickets for about 7 Red Sox games, a Dave Brubeck concert, and the last Seth Yacavone Band show. I don’t think it would have been hard to get the Seth Tickets, becuase I think the majority of the people buying them, if not everyone, is planning on attending the concert: as opposed to making a profit off someone else who didn’t get tickets soon enough.


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