End of Seth Yacavone Band

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I’ve been into this band for a while now. Don’t get to as many show’s as I’d like to, but I think I’ve seen him live maybe a dozen times. Anyhow, news is they are breaking up at the end of the year. Very sad. Last time I saw them I was trying to imagine what it’s like touring with a small band, kind of like a family of gypsies to a degree. Suzy said I was not allowed to become their keyboard player (not that I’m good enough anyway) and abandon our family for months at a time. If you can, I suggest going to one of the final shows, a list is here: http://www.jambase.com/search.asp?bandID=4
The bands website isn’t quite as up to date on tour stuff, but you can get some CD’s and check the forums. http://sethyac.com


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