Fixing Piano


Originally uploaded by M@.

Suzy and the kids went north for the day, so I took the time to finaly take apart and fix a few keys on the piano. This is a picture of one of the levers that make up the piano. The metal wire/spring part has a little string to hold the top hook in the wire in place, and the string broke, you can see it in this picture. This has happened to abotu a dozen keys over the past decade. There are 88 of these in the piano, and each one has about 5 adjustments, not to mention the hammers needing some work. I planned on getting into tuning a few keys as well, but the fixing took longer than expected becuase I needed to glue a few parts, and can tune it until the glue is dry and all the notes are working again. I might just cough up the $75 and have a professional tune it.


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