Suzy went to an estate auction on friday, and came home with what she thought was a pretty crappy violin. I’m pretty sure the luthirer can fix it up though, and am excited to have another instrument in the house. I am going to take Suzy’s old high school flute up to the music store in Manchester to have them “recondition” it. We’re accumulating quite the collection of instruments. I’ll try to list them, in the order we got them

1. Piano – baby grand

2. Flute

3. Recorders (all plastic, someday I hope to own a nice wooden one)

4. A pretty good “kids” piano, mechanical – and a couple crappy electronic kids pianos

5. Guitars (2 acousitc, one nice Fender, one not as nice for the kids to play with)

6. Saxamaphone (alto)

7. Violin *not strung

I’ve also got a Korg M1 on the way – but the kids can’t touch that for quite a while.

If either kid has an ounce if musical ability, they will find many outlets.



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