My frustration level was raised a bit in relation to the spammers and piggy backers and low-life no ethics internet ruining bum-ufcks who take advantage of every little scam to shove advertising in your face. The latest is the posting of Cigarette Selling ads on a couple of the forums I participate in. As a moderator on one of these forums I was able to delete them right away, but there’s been a couple other posts advertising other stuff as well.

The only solutions I can posit for this sort of thing is to impose a fee on everyone using the system, so the ROI on the activity of advertising there goes away. The problem is that this ends up costing the entire community more than advertiser would have made in the first place. And: It goes against the whole beauty of the internet being free. I’m at a loss to decompose this futher, something to the level of the web isn’t free… I am paying for it at some level from connectivity to taxes that pay for research… and identify that the advertiser is abusing this service that I am paying for and therefore owes me.

In the end I am left with just the frustration and no idea how to somehow contribute to a solution.



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